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"Lindsay's trying to lose her Freckles"

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I dont believe that story, but if she is trying to get rid of her freckles, for confidence or for whatever reason dont you guys think you should be supporting her? I mean it doesnt matter how she looks she the same person and the same actress, unless of course your only here because you find her good looking.



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it´s her decision
but i think that´s not necessary
she´s so cute !! :P



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and she deserves the respect that it is that she wants she still has fans i mean look at everything i mean thease forums if no one cared do you think that people would put this together i dont think soo i really dont shes really cool compared to the other actors/singers.....i hate parris hilton though shes a [censored]!!


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Just an off topic note. Eileen, its okay you dont like paris as we all have our own views and opinions, however calling someone an explitive isnt really done on the forums. There are some paris fans here, and it will only start arguments. We dont like arguments, so we ask if you dont like a celeb, just dont talk about them :) thanks.

Oh, and on topic- Either way, its her life... freckles or not, ill still be a fan.


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Thats sad Aye :(

Freckles Arent A Big Deal aye But Yeah

M e l . x x x

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i dun think theres nuffin wrong wif her freakles or her red hair.......it makes her unique!!
By the way she looks better with red locks!
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I've read that her freckles has almost vanished completely.

"Her freckles have nearly vanished! Somehow, those sun spots are now harder to find than a live microphone at an Ashlee Simpson concert."

"Where did her spots go, and why? Freckles, a genetic marker of skin that should be sun-shielded, are benign pigmented points brought on by UV radiation."

"Yet how are freckles removed? First, we will admit that Lindsay today may still retain some ot the spots seen in her Disney debut. Frecks are candidly some of the most camouflagable colors conceivable. Thick makeup, especially the faux tan look adopted by Lohan in her world dominating mode, effectively masks Pippi Longstocking-style pointillism. Yet a more mature matinee idol like Kidman appears to have undergone freckle-ectomy (not a real medical term--yet). Other than makeup, how can one make mottling go missing?"

"How to fade freckles? First and foremost, we can't overestimate the power of sun protection. We recommend sunscreens with an SPF of 15 or more and broad spectrum UVA protective ingredients. French sunscreens like the Anthelios line are particularly protective against pigmentation."

I read this in "The "Skinnies" 2005--Lindsay Lohan's Freckles "

Sorry if it's too much! :P

Anyways, we love Linds as she is, right?

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Rocio, on Aug 8 2005, 09:04 PM, said:

Anyways, we love Linds as she is, right?

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That is the key right there. Love her as she is. It's as simple as that.

As evident in the pictures at the Herbie premiere, her freckles aren't going anywhere. Haven't you noticed that her fake tan is gone? I think she did that to try and hide them. Perhaps she is coming to terms with them now.
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Crazyboy862, on Jun 29 2005, 07:52 PM, said:

she said one time in a tv interview that she started to get use to her freckles and her red hair

Yeah, I can remember that ... She said that when she was at Conan O'Brian (in 2004) I think.

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and freckles JUST dont go away. they simply would stay with her .. forever ;)

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Jennina, on Aug 9 2005, 04:09 AM, said:

and freckles JUST dont go away.  they simply would stay with her .. forever ;)

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Thats true, but it's fine by me. Freckles forever, Lindsay forever!!! :jump:


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well one thing i wanna say in the first place....everyone has something speacial, everyone came to the world looking like something or having something with them a speacial gift, i mean if god gave you something it' has a purpose or he gave it to you for a reason right? i mean i have dofferent color eyes do i wear contacts so they can both be green,... no but whatever if she wants to do it i wish her good luck i'm still going to be here for her but I LOVE her freckles....i mean MJ tried to change something that was ment to be...and lo0k what happened....


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Essex-UK-Fan, on Jul 22 2005, 09:30 PM, said:

I notice that she often conceals the freckles on her face, which may be important for filming or photo-shoots. I will never believe that she actually said she hates them and wants to bleach them out... that is just so ridiculous.

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Do you have a picture as example?
BTW: is concealing the same as hiding it :D


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lindsay is gorgeous no matter what, no matter how many freckles she has. but it's her choice if she wants to lose'em or not. i just like lindsay the way she looks everyday. i love her freckles...it's really her. :angel:



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with freckles or not and red headed or not... either ways, i will still support her! ;)


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netherlinds, on Aug 12 2005, 09:40 AM, said:

Do you have a picture as example?
BTW: is concealing the same as hiding it  :D

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I most certain do have some examples...


No Freckles

She looks fantastic without the freckles (make-up), but with them, I believe she looks more natural and (in my opinion) much more attractive. Of course opinions differ from one to the next, but I feel that these are a gift and would always encourage her to keep them. :twothumbs:



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linds freckles made her unique and a breath of fresh air in hollywood, she looks beautiful anyway but i luv the freckles :)


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Why she would do that???
She looks so cool with freckles!


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I love her freckles :/

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I love freckles. Some of the people on the Darkness Undressed forum like them, too.

But wether she likes hers or not, it's up to her. I just wish she'd wait till she was fully grown before taking anything drastic. Because she may regret it in a later time in life. And then have to resort by getting a red pen dotting herself before she goes out.
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