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Nov(2.0) 2016 - News/Update/LILOHAN

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Welcome to November thread

Attached Image: gentricus10.5.2016Fun fact today someone asked me the date. I said it was October 3. It's October 5, it is NO LONGER OCTOBER 3 - THE LIMIT DOES ACTUALLY EXIST.jpg

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Though you may be familiar with night club owner Lindsay Lohan’s recent troubles, namely her dramatic split from questionable billionaire Egor Tarabasov and work with Syrian refugees, you may not have heard her speak since Mean Girls. As such, the following video may come as a shock to you, because Lohan no longer sounds like her old self. She sounds like sad attempts at French, Greek, English, and (oddly) Australian accents were combined with Elmer’s glue and not allowed enough time to dry.

The new accent, which she named “#Lilohan” after noticing it was being written about online, is strange and hypnotic. Is all of her recent jet setting playing game with her brain, is she trying to sound more refined and compassionate, or is this just another case of Famous American Moves to Europe Syndrome?


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Exclusive with Dailymail


As fans everywhere were left reeling by a very different sounding Lindsay Lohan, the actress took the accent attention in her stride confirming to the DailyMail.com that she does sound different these days but suggested it was no big deal

As to why she does not sound like the Lindsay we have known since childhood, the Mean Girls star joked, 'Je ne sais pas.'

While she may claim to not know - in French, of course - the now-London based actress put it down to a thirst for leaning languages, but no doubt her trans-European lifestyle also is partially to blame.

Lindsay told the DailyMail.com: 'It's a mixture of most of the languages I can understand or am trying to learn.'

And for those wondering at home, the pop culture icon is well on her way to knowing six languages fluently.

'I've been learning different languages since I was a child. I'm fluent in English and French can understand Russian and am learning Turkish, Italian and Arabic.'

After video of Lindsay speaking outside her Greek club opening last month emerged on Tuesday, the internet has been wild with speculation over just what Lindsay's new sound was.

While some fans claimed it was a mix of everything from Australian with Turkish to Greek with Saudi Arabian, Lindsay joked on Twitter with the DailyMail.com that her accent should have its own name.

Fluent in LilLohan: While some fans claimed it was a mix of everything from Australian with Turkish to Greek with Saudi Arabian, Lindsay joked on Twitter with the DailyMail.com that her accent should have its own name


The actress tweeted: '@DailyMailUK what should I call me new accent? I'm thinking #LILLOHAN.'

The star now wants fans to have their say over what her new twang shall be called.

'We should let the people decide,' she told the DailyMail.com.


As for all the attention her new accent was getting, the famed-redhead said was not shocked by it.

'Nothing really shocks me these days. I moved to London four years ago and the taxes seem to be getting higher.'
Lindsay and her accent all became a trending topic after video from her Club Lohan opening in mid-October surfaced.

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Freaky theories for Lindsay Lohan’s crazy new accent
Posted by Ken Stone on November 3, 2016 in Hollywood | 12 Views | Leave a response

Lindsay Lohan — the New York-born actress who spent time in Los Angeles — showed off a new accent recently while interviewed on Turkish TV in Athens, Greece.

On YouTube, reactions came thick with sarcasm:

“Guys, this is not Lindsay, it’s cleeearly her twin from the parent trap.”
“Rich people: ‘I’m bored with my life, going to give myself an accent, because why not.'”
“Plastic surgery gave her an accent.”

Perhaps the best description of the accent came on AV Club:

“Since relocating to London in 2012, Lindsay Lohan has made considerable strides to become a true citizen of the world, a place where she currently has no outstanding warrants. In recent years, she’s become interested in Transcendental Meditation and the teachings of Deepak Chopra, and displayed an open mind toward being photographed with the Quran.

“She became an unlikely, if slightly incoherent voice of reason amid the Brexit fiasco, and more recently she’s been working with Syrian refugees in Turkey, bringing them much-needed hope and energy drinks.

“Those endless months of being a voice for international concerns have since taken literal root: Linday Lohan now speaks in an accent of indeterminate origin — an Accent Without Borders, one that is everywhere and nowhere at once.”

>>full article<<



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Lindsay Lohan had people tongue-tied this week when she unveiled a bizarre new accent that sounded — in a manner of speaking — fake.

TheWrap reached out to Roslyn Burns, a socio-linguist at the University of California at Los Angeles, to find out if Lohan’s accent, and her explanation for it, are to be believed.

“It’s a mixture of most of the languages I can understand or am trying to learn,” the actress told the Daily Mail this week. “I’ve been learning different languages since I was a child. I’m fluent in English and French, can understand Russian, and am learning Turkish, Italian and Arabic.”

Burns finds that hard to swallow.

“From my work on language contact effects — which draws heavily on the field of language acquisition at the individual level — this is likely not the case unless she has actually been immersed 24/7,” Burns said.

Burns said that Lohan isn’t landing the “vowel characteristics” of the languages she cited.

“The languages that she claims to know/study — Arabic, French, Italian, Russian, Turkish — do not have the vowel characteristics that she has been putting on,” Burns said, after reviewing a video of the actress brandishing the accent. “I have lived in communities with expats who natively speak these languages, and what Lindsay’s doing doesn’t match, not even for the communities that learned British English instead of American English.”

Burns opined that Lohan’s newly adopted speaking voice is “really some modified version of British English,” and that she’s likely putting on the accent to fit in with a more international crowd.

“It’s more likely that she is doing something either consciously or subconsciously to mark herself as a member of a certain community, be that ‘global citizen,’ ‘non-American English speaker’ or what have you,” Burns said.

“She seems to be trying to show some sort of ‘European identity': She’s talking about ‘Greeks,’ ‘Italians’ and ‘Irish’ in this interview, and her fiance is Russian.” Burns said, adding that Lohan “might not consciously know that she is targeting this identity.”

Burns also called out Lohan’s pro-refugee comments in the interview, noting a disconnect between her British-leaning accent and her stance on the issue.

“The irony behind that is she is disavowing American close-mindedness by using a British accent, when the exact same stance about refugees in the UK helped fuel the Brexit vote,” Burns said.

Burns also noted that the actress is slowing her speech in the interview — another sign that Lohan’s accent doesn’t ring true.

“She is clearly speaking slowly because she hasn’t perfected what she is doing, which once again points to this not being a direct consequence of her studying other languages,” Burns concluded.

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Even though my protocol droid is fluent in more than six million forms of communication, it has drawn a blank with some of the utterances Lindsay Lohan made on the steps of her new Athens nightclub, LOHAN.

But so what? Lost in Showbiz is excited that Lindsay that should have followed former England manager Steve McClaren into the muddy waters of cod-European accents – and, heaven knows, we’ve all ended up being able to speak only broken English on nightclub pavements. Usually on the way out, rather than the way in, but still.

By way of a recap, Lindsay has put her name, and supposedly some investment, to a fancy new nightclub in the Greek capital, and used an appearance there this week to explain – with the smiling staccato of someone feeling their heavily accented way in the unfamiliar American tongue – how this was just the start of the brand rollout. “There’s bigger things to be done with the LOHAN club,” she told reporters. “There is spas, there is refugee camps.”

Well, quite. Actually, hang on – what?

I’m afraid the answer to that question is slightly unclear. According to Lindsay, an unspecified percentage of profits from the club may be going to charity – at least, she says haltingly “we can make it a good purpose”, and “we can create charity from the club”. The nature of the charity in question is also fairly broadbrush – Lindsay claims it will fix “bad things in the world”, seemingly focused on refugees from Syria. An energy-drink brand ambassador, she recently talked about handing out cans of the stuff to refugees after her visit to a camp in Turkey. “We have to help people,” she goes on, “and if we can do it with a nightclub, or with a spa, or with refugee camps, or with containers …”

Maybe the Rosetta Stone to all this is in one of the containers? Until we locate it, however, we have only Lindsay’s business plan/wellness-driven moodboard. “We create peaceful locations where we can all be happy,” she goes on. “And we start with the refugees, and then we open nice places, and maybe one of the refugees will open a place with us … I want LOHAN to be a celebration of everybody coming together, in the European nations.”

It is a hell of an ask of a nightclub, in the circumstances. But certainly worth a shot. Certainly a shot of the aforementioned energy drink, which is sold at the bar.

Meanwhile, Lohan completists will know that has she long aspired to use her celebrity to the generalised benefit of troubled regions. In 2006, Lindsay announced plans to visit Iraq. “I’ve been trying to go to Iraq with Hillary Clinton for so long,” she explained, with the apparent failure to be able to synchronise diaries likely to have been of equal if not greater frustration to the current Democratic nominee for the US presidency.

“Hillary was trying to work it out, but it seemed too dangerous.” Or as Hillary’s spokesman put it: “It was suggested to her that if she wanted to go, she could pursue doing so through the USO.” Look, whatever. Lindsay had a clear plan: “I wanted to do what Marilyn Monroe did, when she went and just set up a stage and did a concert for the troops all by herself. It’s so inspiring seeing that one woman just going somewhere, this beautiful sex kitten, who is basically a pin-up, which is what I’ve always aspired to be.”

Still, God love Lindsay, who has added to the gaiety of various nations since her horrendous parents pushed her on stage far too young. If, as entertainment cliche holds, you are frozen in development at the age at which you become famous, then Lindsay will for ever be preserved at the age of 11, when she made her name in Disney’s The Parent Trap remake. Looked at this way, her latest venture is no more sweetly clueless than a child being admonished for not eating its egg at breakfast on the basis that there are people starving across the world, and asking worriedly if it can post the remains of the egg to them.

As for her accent, the extensive WTF-ery that has attended its debut has caused Lindsay to respond with details of its genesis. “It’s a mixture of the languages I can understand or am trying to learn,” she revealed. “I’ve been learning different languages since I was a child. I’m fluent in English and French, can understand Russian and am learning Turkish, Italian and Arabic.” As for what this pending creole should be called, Lindsay declared: “We should let the people decide.”

Odd to see her coming round to the idea of referendums. After all, she was less enamoured during a lengthy series of tweets posted in conjunction with the BBC’s coverage on the night of the European referendum itself, at one point issuing the dismissive inquiry: “Sorry Kettering but where are you?” (I think they’re south of the river somewhere, but probably best to get them to come to you). Following a defensive mention of this in the House of Commons by the local MP, Philip Hollobone, Lindsay later apologised to the town, and agreed to switch on its Christmas lights. Thereafter, it all went a bit quiet.

Indeed, last week Hollobone was raising the spectre of a no-show, telling the BBC: “She said she would come and switch on the Christmas lights at Kettering but, despite everyone’s best efforts, it’s simply not been possible to track her down.” Yet since then some progress appears to have been made. On Thursday, a spokesman for Kettering borough council revealed: “We have made direct contact with Lindsay’s publicist. We get the impression she is genuinely really interested. It just depends on whether or not she can fit it in.”

Surely it all flows together? Energy drink, exclusive nightclub, spas, refugee camps, containers, Kettering … I’ll let you know when I guess the next one in the sequence. In the meantime, let’s just accept that Lindsay’s new accent would be the most eye-catching festive curiosity in Kettering since Neil and Christine Hamilton gave us their Fairy Godmother and Baron Hardup in the town panto in 2011, and cross our fingers accordingly.

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If you haven’t heard Lindsay Lohan’s new accent, go listen right now. It goes up, it goes down. It increases in speed, then slows. It’s difficult to follow, but somehow that makes the whole endeavor of listening bizarrely thrilling. More mysterious still, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what accent it sounds like. Long Island tinged with Irish? Irish with Mediterranean undertones? Mediterranean with a touch of Eastern European? Most oddly of all, though, is that the accent seemed to come out of nowhere.

VF.com writer Richard Lawson first noticed the potentially affected lilt in an interview with a Turkish reporter two weeks prior to the nightclub sound bite that tore through the Internet on Wednesday. Watch that below. The accent really picks up around the three-minute mark.


Psychologists may be able to explain how she came to adopt her new speech pattern in the first place. Wojciech Kulesza, an academic psychologist who studies the social motives behind various forms of verbal mimicry (including accent, tone, rhythm, and more), co-authored a study on what he calls the echo effect, or rather, the phenomenon of repeating the words of conversational partners. He explained to VF.com via e-mail that Lohan is displaying a form of the echo effect in the clips.

“She is making herself as the person with whom she is speaking with,” Kulesza said. “
Why do we do it? Liking is not the only goal. Mimicry—imitating behavior—is described as unconscious tendency to create bonds with others, a social glue which bonds us to other people. It seems it is imprinted in our nature.”

In other words, Lohan could be unconsciously attempting to ingratiate herself to the interviewer in hopes of being better understood.

Tanya Chartrand, who co-authored the study that originally named the chameleon effect–the instinctive tendency to mirror behaviors perceived in others—said that she couldn’t identify the accent. “If [Lohan] did have a slight Turkish accent in that interview, it would be quite consistent with the chameleon effect, assuming she wasn’t doing it on purpose and didn’t realize she was doing it,” Chartrand explained in an e-mail to VF.com.

She added, "For instance, a classic example I give is an American talking to a British friend on the phone and then starting to speak themselves with a slight British accent without meaning to or being aware of it." Both Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow took on an English accent while living in England, and even Oprah has been accused of reflexively mimicking her guests’ accents, with some attributing it to the chameleon effect.

When it came to the video of Lohan in the Greek nightclub, Chartrand was even less convinced. The actress-turned-human-rights-activist seemed too conscious of the accent. “Lohan appears very aware of her changing accent and where it comes from, which makes it more of a conscious phenomenon,”
Chartrand said. “With non-conscious mimicry, people are usually surprised and even upset when someone points their mimicry out to them.”

Instead, Lohan herself told the Daily Mail that, “It's a mixture of most of the languages I can understand or am trying to learn. I’ve been learning different languages since I was a child. I'm fluent in English and French can understand Russian and am learning Turkish, Italian, and Arabic.”

And so, what may have started as a very human attempt to be understood has crystallized into a full-fledged affected character, and is there anything more true to our girl Linds than that?


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In an accent that sounded like an amalgam of every language ever spoken, citizen-of-the-world Lindsay Lohan stood outside her newly-opened Athens nightclub, LOHAN, and intoned on the importance of clubbing to the resistance of oppression.

"We can make everything have a difference," she said. "Life should be about celebrating each other's lives. We should create places that make people happy. And maybe one of the refugees will open a place with us. Maybe we can create a sustainable future for them."

Lohan, of course, has been traipsing around the globe, lending her celebrity aura to the Quran, getting deep into transcendental meditation and helping Syrian refugees as a brand ambassador for a German caffeinated lemonade called Mintanine. But all the Internet seems to care about is her newly-acquired inflections, which seem to leap across borders with every breath she takes. Like a different study abroad trip in every sentence, one minute Lohan sounds like a French film star from the 1920s, the next a recent Turkish immigrant.

Confronted by a Daily Mail social media manager on Twitter, Lohan told the paper that her new accent is a "mixture of most of the languages I can understand or am trying to learn." She dubs the accent "Lilohan." Her parents say the raison pourquoi she sounds so strange is that Lohan is a precocious language learner who taught herself French, Arabic, Hebrew, and Italian. "Lindsay picks up languages like I pick up a coffee!" her father told Entertainment Tonight.

Still, this doesn't explain why Lohan can't drop the accent in interviews conducted in English. While some believe her accent may be paid for by the Turkish government, another theory is that Lohan has so immersed herself in the ESL community that she can't turn off the voice she uses to connect with people who don't speak English well, even when she's talking to a camera. It's a known fact that mirroring someone's affectations can also help you empathize with them, which Lohan presumably has been trying to do with Syrian refugees across Turkey. A 2010 study from the University of California found that mirroring also has emotional benefits. "Humans are incessant imitators," professor Lawrence Rosenbaum said in an interview with the Telegraph. "This unintentional imitation could serve as social glue, helping us to affiliate and empathize with each other."

Another study found that mimicking someone's accent makes it easier for us to understand them. In a study titled "Imitation Improves Language Comprehension," researchers at the University of Manchester found that those who employed this strategy of imitation improved spoken-language comprehension "under adverse listening conditions."

Samara Bay, a dialect coach to stars like Keegan-Michael Key, Aaron Ekhart, and Rita Wilson, believes it's normal for Lohan to have picked up various affectations from around the world while attempting to connect with others, but finds it strange that she seems to have forgotten how to make certain sounds with her mouth.

"It's one thing to change inflection and even to start changing up some of the obvious English things like dropping R's in British English, but it's another thing to pronounce sounds that are completely native to you as if they're not," she says. "Either she's spent so much time with ESL people that she's forgotten how her muscles work in her mouth, or she's doing something deliberate."

"It's weird that when she says, 'I want to go back,' she swaps out the 'a as in apple' sound for the 'ah as in father' sound and pronounces it 'bahck,'" Bay continues. "For her to forget how to make an 'a' sound is like, Lindsay..."

Bay also noticed that Lohan has a much less "open-mouthed" sound than the general American accent. "You might call this a purse-lip sound. When you purse your lips and say 'partner' it sounds more like 'perdner' and indeed, that's what she sounds like. This may be why people suggest a French influence -- the French do a strong lip."

Another curious element in Lohan's speech are her "t's", which she pronounces in a particularly breathy way that seems like a "foreign affectation."

As to why she's being attacked by the Internet for her new dialect, Bay thinks the answer is obvious. "We, as a culture, don't like affectations," Bay says. "We prize authenticity so much that for someone to be doing something inauthentic, it makes her an easy mark."


This is BIG y'all

LL snapchat
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Lindsay Lohan, one of the United States’ fallen angels, has been gallivanting around across the pond for a few years now, and she recently debuted a new accent. It’s not the English accent one half of her twin selves sported in the Parent Trap, nor the robot accent she debuted in her astonishing spoken interlude in Duran Duran’s low-key masterpiece Dancephobia.

Among fake accents put on by Americans, I’m going to declare her new one the best ever. What is it? She sounds like a “Euro”. She is even pausing because she can’t remember what the … how do you say … right word is in English, though it never stopped being her native language.

Americans adopting swanky accents is nothing new. The strange accent used by actors in films, most prominently in the 1940s and 50s, was invented wholesale. I’m not the first person who thought that was just the way people spoke back then and was a little disappointed to find that wasn’t true.

A few Hitchcock movies are illustrative here. Grace Kelly transformed her voice completely and became of cinema’s flutiest purrers, but there is a moment in Rear Window, when she says “Stella” in response to Thelma Ritter, the no-nonsense nurse looking after Jimmy Stewart, which is pure Philly. And in Vertigo, Kim Novak does a spectacular job with Movie Voice as fantasy beast Madeleine Elster; as Judy Barton, she brays: “I’m just a girl from Salina, Kansas.”

There is also a real-life tradition of Americans who change their accents – Madonna immediately springs to mind. She came from Michigan, but now hails from some non-enchanted land over the Atlantic of her mind somewhere, which I suspect may actually be a Great Lake. Madonna! Don’t you understand that your Americanness was one of the great things about you? We don’t need another fake-Brit, like your also-formerly-married-to-a-British person, Gwyneth Paltrow, who had a period of this as well.

There have been many Americans of my acquaintance, too, who return from a school exchange trip or semester abroad with new accents. (For some reason, they thought that they wouldn’t be ridiculed by all their classmates upon their return!)

Sometimes Americans do shift their accents and their ways, though. When I was a small child, some houseguests from France who were originally American visited. The daughters, around my age, now spoke Frenchly. They also shocked me by wearing makeup and smoking cigarettes. I had a neat “paint with water” book to show them but they were more interested in listening to Jacques Brel.

I can only surmise that Americans feel a little embarrassed and less than classy about our speaking voices. Nonsense! I say. To paraphrase the American spoken-word poet Kesha, we speak how we speak. I will proudly squeak and drawl as I like.

Perhaps our national sense that we don’t speak “classy” enough is an indicator of our national self-esteem. Deaf to our native music, we long for perceived upgrades in the speech department. Maybe we just don’t know how good we have it. Many Americans might be opting for the “fake accent” option if the United States becomes a fascist wonderland next week.

There used to be a series of commercials on American TV for a soap called Irish Spring. They always featured a man and a woman, and the man would always engage in some kind of activity that would make him all sweaty, and presumably smelly, but not for his use of Irish Spring. Despite being a deodorant soap, it’s so delightfully fresh that his lass would murmur, “Oi use it tew.”

This is where I learned my Irish accent. I am getting a bar of Irish Spring and making secretly ready to take an extended sojourn to the Emerald Isle, if necessary, where I will fit in seamlessly. Oi’ll be ready to cut into a bar of soap at any time, and tip my hat and tell people that the the rain should fall softly on their fields, or something.

My new accent will totally fool everyone.

Lindsay Lohan, that sly minx, having adapted her new persona well in advance, will be far afield in the reaches of Europe or Asia by then, speaking any number of languages in English with indecipherable accents.

Lilohan rule !!! :shibby:  


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um ... this accent brouhaha ... she does know how to act, I've heard ... and actors automatically mimic what they hear (M Streep ring a bell?)
NOW if only she'd Meryl it in a movie but what do I know,

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Kevin G from 'Mean Girls' Wrote a Memoir About Hollywood and Traveling the World
by Rajiv Surendra
Nov 6 2016 11:38 AM

.....It was my first week of classes at the University of Toronto and I was majoring in art history and classics—a combination that entailed quite a bit of overlap; my courses in the classics arena dealt with ancient Rome and Greece, whose cultures formed the foundation of Western art. This particular course was called "The Image of Christ" and was full of rich, young, white girls who spent the class mostly twisting their long tresses in their fingers and sipping from Starbucks cups while the instructor babbled on about the reed and birch twigs in the painting, blah, blah, blah. She never once referred to his hard nipples.

I was slightly surprised that my first realization of the ideal male form, and my appreciation for it, were conjured up by this Ecce Homo, but perhaps it had something to do with the fact that within a few weeks I would be ripping my shirt off as the cameras were rolling on the set of the first major motion picture that I had been cast in. My body, although much darker, paled in comparison to the one in front of me. I was ninety-six pounds of skin and bones with a visible rib cage that left little to the imagination. So far, no one involved in the movie had actually seen what was under my shirt—not the director, the casting director, or even my agent, for that matter. I had visions of being on set and ripping my shirt open, followed by the director yelling, "Cut! Oh my God, what is this, a charity commercial for starving orphans from the Third World? We can't work with that—he has the body of a ten-year-old barely surviving a famine!"

School was only a short walk away from set, as most of the scenes were filmed in the center of the city, with a few actually shot on the university campus itself. The commute from home to school, however, was long, and required two treacherous hours of a bus and subway combination.

Certain members of the crew were highly skeptical of how Mean Girls would fare in theaters—particularly the hairstylist, a buxom blonde in her forties who I suspected rode with the Hells Angels on her days off. I was patiently sitting in the hair and makeup trailer early one morning while she pulled a dangerously hot flat iron through my curly hair, straightening it as smoke dissipated from my scalp. Fascinated to learn that she had been in the "biz" for years and had worked on some pretty big movies, I asked for her informed opinion of how she thought this movie would fare. She popped the giant bubble of gum she was blowing. "Please..." she sneered, "it's starring Lindsay Lohan, and it's called Mean Girls; it's goin' straight to DVD, babe."

My heart sank a little. I knew she was probably right; most of the small movies that my Canadian actor friends were in never saw the light of day. Still, I was over the moon to be a part of an official Paramount Pictures production, even though it was tricky juggling my first year of university with the movie's shooting schedule. Call times were often early (five AM) and I ended up missing quite a few classes to be on set. It didn't bother me—I welcomed any excuse to cut class in the name of a higher, worthier form of self-education.

Even back in elementary school, I can remember waking up lethargically and dreading leaving the house—I would much rather have stayed at home and focused on the things that I actually wanted to learn about, perfecting the flour-to-water ratio of my papier-mâché paste, strategically rearranging the carnivorous Venus fly traps and pitcher plants in my terrarium, or helping Ma prepare the ingredients for her daily Tamil cooking, scraping coconuts using a hand-cranked tool from Sri Lanka that resembled a medieval torture device. To Ma, however, who had childhood dreams of becoming a doctor but never ended up going to college, her children would only be considered fully educated if they had impressive degrees to hang on the living room wall. It's not that I found school difficult or that I was opposed to reading... I loved to read, just not what I was forced to read. Throughout high school, textbooks for geography, history, and French were regularly set aside for books like Ornamental Pen Designs and Flourishes, Setting Up Your Chicken Coop, and The Art of Water-Gilding: A Practical Manual.

I tried my best to read my biology textbook in between takes on set, even though it was excruciatingly tough to focus on mitochondria while Regina George and the Plastics were flailing their arms and hopping around in red vinyl skirts on the stage in front of me.

Despite my previous flibbertigibbet approach to school, I was bound and determined to change my ways and excel academically—a goal that was perhaps fueled by the astronomical costs of my tuition. But fate had something else in store for me that year. And it all started at the snack table on the set of Mean Girls.

Three of us were standing side by side, each preparing our own bagels—the cameraman, Lindsay Lohan, and me. The cameraman had his bagel in the toaster while Lindsay and I waited for our turns. Lindsay was ripping the insides out of her sliced bagel. I stood watching for a few moments before I could contain myself no longer, asking out of pure bewilderment, "What are you doing?"

"It's less bagel..." she explained casually.

"Why don't you just..." I thought out loud, "eat half the bagel?" She stopped only for a moment and stared down at the crumpled shell she was holding. "Whatever..." she muttered, continuing where she had left off.

Silence ensued and then the cameraman, in his fifties and wearing a khaki vest with too many pockets, turned to me as I put my bagel in the toaster.

"Humph," he puffed, eyeing me with a sly smile, "... you're in the book I just finished." I hadn't spent much time with him and didn't quite know what to make of his declaration.

"Huh?" I responded. "Have you read Life of Pi?" he asked. I knew of the book—its cover had become a repeated sight on the subway during my long commute downtown every day, but I had no idea of what the book was actually about.

"No, not yet," I answered.....
From The Elephants In My Backyard, A Memoir (Regan Arts) © 2016 by Rajiv Surendra.

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NY Post Article


A psychologist tries to explain why Lindsay Lohan changed her accent

...Columbia University psychology and business professor Tory Higgins told The Post that there are two main reasons why someone could be presenting with a different accent (whether it’s a conscious change or not): wanting to make an impression on someone else that you’re a certain kind of person, or trying to convince yourself that you’re a part — or not a part — of a particular group.

“I don’t know her, so I don’t know how much it is wanting others to see you as having the stereotypic attributes of people with that accent or how much it is not wanting people to think you’re the person, the stereotypes, of the accents that you used to use,” Higgins said.

Higgins, author of “Beyond Pleasure and Pain: How Motivation Works,” said Lohan could be more prone to modifying her accent because she’s an actor.

“They’re always performing, and it’s not clear how conscious it is,” he said.

Lohan has been outspoken about the Syrian refugee crisis, and has also opened a nightclub, named Lohan, in Greece, in addition to her polyglot ways. This led Higgins to believe that her shift into “Lilohan” dialect could be a reflection of shifting political views.

“There are, after all, historically Americans who were really annoyed with America and what it was doing in the world, and politically unhappy with what America was doing, and felt more like, ‘I’m someone in the world. I’m a citizen of the world,'” he said. “Someone who has those politics is also more likely to do this because it serves a function of connecting to these other people and also distancing herself from home.”

Dialect coaches are stumped trying to figure out which accent she’s mimicking.

“All bets are off,” Los Angeles-based dialect coach Joel Goldes, who has previously worked with Will Smith, Kevin Costner and Miranda Otto, said when asked in which region he’d place Lohan’s distinctive elocution. He called it “highly unusual.”

Goldes pointed out intonations and sounds pulled from Greek, Arabic and French. “I honestly couldn’t peg it to one accent, it sounds like such a blend to me,” he said.

Another dialect coach, New York-based Leigh Dillon, theorized that Lohan was consciously or subconsciously adjusting her voice to match that of her interviewer. She compared Lohan to another artist, and posited that perhaps Lohan is entering a new period in her personal life.

“Half of my family are artists and painters. If they were limited to one way of painting, to one set of colors, that would be absurd,” Dillon said. “Picasso went through periods, he went through a Blue Period. That doesn’t mean he can only work in one set of colors or shades. Why do actors have to be restricted to speaking in one way that is quote-unquote real?”

Yeah.. why not? :argue:

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New publicist/manager dude.
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I still hear that voice—it is bouncing around in my skull. For a Long Islander in Greece, Lindsay Lohan sounds exactly like my father, a Greek living on Long Island. They both speak with a well-formed English accent and a certain Mediterranean flair—Spanish meets Italian meets the Queen's English. My father learned English in Greece in the 1970s from British-English speakers, and despite living in the United States for 30 years, he still calls trash "rubbish." Lohan, on the other hand, has attributed her new trans-european accent to the impressive catalogue of languages she either knows or is trying to learn, namely, English, French, Arabic, Italian, Russian, and Turkish.

Lohan's strange emphasis on certain words ("We can fo-cus on the good things" as she says in the video) is a common inflection amongst Greeks, who sometimes struggle with how the English language lacks accent marks to indicate stress. Her exaggerated hand motions and odd sentence structures—"Maybe there is something for me to do more here"—are also reminiscent of someone who is translating a sentence from another language they don't quite have a firm grip on.

But the most perplexing part of the video is not Lohan's new accent, but what she says about her new nightclub. It's a club and concert venue with a "baroque industrial" vibe that can fit about 1500 people. Admission ranges from 20 to 80€, and according to reports the club boasts not only a VIP section, but a VVIP section. Explaining why she'd decided to build a club in the Greek capital, Lohan compares her friendships with Denis Papageorgiou—the Greek restaurateur and billionaire she opened the club with—and his family to the connections she made with refugees when she visited a Turkish hospital in September earlier this year. "When I went through hardships with my ex," she says, "I found really good family in these people from Greece, just like I did in Turkey in a different way with refugees." She continues: "So where people are scared of refugees and everything in the world, there is a [...] line of where we can make happiness."

Here, you may be wondering how Club Lohan can it bring "happiness" to the tens of thousands of refugees from Syria and other countries who are currently living in Athens. "I've been subjected to clubs," she says darkly, referring to the Hollywood hotspots she frequented during her partygirl days in the mid-2000s. But her new club, she insists, will be "a celebration of everyone coming together." She concludes the interview by asserting, "We have to help other people, and if we can do it with a nightclub, or with a spa, or refugee camps in containers... we can make everything have a difference." Then she brightly adds: "Maybe one of the refugees will open something with us." I wonder if she saw the Greek Army clearing refugee settlements before the summer tourist season starts so that they don't clog the streets, or perhaps she is offering to set up a camp in Lohan Club?Her lack of awareness for the realities for life for refugees and the pain of being isolated from your community and culture is clear

It would be unfair to crucify Lohan for trying to help refugees. The German energy drink Mintanine, which Lohan is a brand ambassador for, is served at her new club and donates 10€ to refugee charities for every box of 72 cans sold, according to their website. Despite her good intentions and charitable efforts, Lohan's tone deaf approach to assistance is obvious. I don't want to minimize the truly revolutionary potential of people coming together and having a shared experience. People come together and find solidarity through music and shared experience.

It seems as is if Lohan believes she can perform some sort of hedonistic calculus through the club that raises the "overall happiness" of refugees. The enormous privatization programs, the destruction of social social safety nets, and the lack of material support for the refugees create material issues that cannot be fixed through a rather utopian vision of a club as a tool for raising the overall "level of happiness" in society. One might even argue that more useful steps towards addressing the refugee crisis are currently being taken by the likes of anarchists in Exarchia, who are creating community centers like the Khora Center for Syrian refugees, where they can be fed, taught Greek, and find solidarity.

I have no doubt that Lohan truly wants her club to bring happiness to everyone who steps foot into it. The catch is that the experience of the club has to be shared with everyone, not just those who can afford it. I have difficulty imagining a Syrian family going to Lohan's club, let alone even being allowed in there. Where is the happiness in that?

Me hope she read this. :secret:  

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The star has launched the collection on Represent.com and the tops all read 'I only speak Lilohan'.

Lindsay, of course, jokingly dubbed her now more European sounding accent 'Lilohan' last week.

The tops come in black, white and red with the tanks and sweaters using the same manufacturing company, Gildan, which Kanye used in his now sold out cult Pablo Tour merchandise.

The tops retail from $24.95 to $39.95 but Lindsay says part of the proceeds from each shirt sold will benefit Caudwell Children - which helps disabled children in the UK.

Funds will also go to The Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency of Turkey (AFAD), which in addition to putting in earthquake safety measures and providing aid to those effected by earthquakes in Turkey, is helping to support Syrian refugees.

Lindsay told the DailyMail.com, the tops were her way of giving back.

She said: '[Represent and I] decided to make the t-shirts to turn mainstream media into something positive for the world and thought it would be a nice thing to do

'The design was a team effort we all put some ideas into it.'

Fans better put the tops on their Christmas wishlist as the star agreed if enough sell by the holiday season, she will recreate her famous Mean Girls' Jungle Bell Rock dance.

The star confirmed she would with an emphatic 'yes' and already has her eye on a specific backup dancer.

'YES! I'll do the Jingle Bell Rock but only if it is with the new President.'

As to whether that will be Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton will be decided on Tuesday during America's presidential; elections.


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Lilo for Potus ?
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Full Article here  

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i voted for Senator Elizabeth Warren as POTUS, as a protest vote against those two vile, evil, contemptible ugly candidates. trumptrash is gross. emailary is gross. two wrongs certainly DON'T make a right, but i still wanted to cast my vote for a woman as POTUS. maybe Senator Warren will use this election as a motivatiing factor for POTUS 2020.

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Wow Florida....

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Anxious Americans have been refreshing FiveThirtyEight, The Upshot, and other websites that analyze the polls, looking for insight into whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States. But what if the answer everyone has been looking for has really been hiding on Lindsay Lohan's Twitter?

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On Tuesday afternoon, the actress posted a simple tweet: "Heart for Hillary or retweet for Trump!" An hour or so later, the tweet was liked 4,617 times and retweeted 398 times, which probably won't make any Clinton fans breathe a sigh of relief, but could be a sign that Lohan is on the path to becoming a professional pollster. Catherine Garcia



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Seminal: How Lindsay Lohan’s Brave Performance in Her “Rumors” Music Video Foreshadowed Her Philanthropic Accent
Activism | By Moze Halperin | November 8, 2016


At Flavorwire, we often pay attention to the new, but we make sure to do so not at the expense of what’s come before it. In “Seminal,” a bi-weekly column, we examine earlier, under-acknowledged exemplars of dramatic and conceptual mastery from revered performers’ careers — moments that should be described as, dare I say, seminal. This week, we’re investigating how Lindsay Lohan’s unflinching performance in her activist musical documentary, Rumors, and how Lohan was clearly, even at a young age, looking towards her future as a humanitarian nightclub proprietor with a politically charged, unplaceable accent.

When Lindsay Lohan dropped her folk protest anthem, “Rumors,” and the documentary film that accompanied it, the only “rumor” that should’ve been spread about the philanthropist was that, someday, she’d save the world. Because in case you’ve been keeping up with recent news, both Greece’s economic turmoil and the Syrian Refugee Crisis have been put in the capable hands of the unstoppable force whose breakout role saw her shaking hands with a British version of herself (ooh, complicated) and whose follow-up role saw her possessing the body of Jamie Lee Curtis and forcing her hollowed soul to sing Britney Spears, because Lindsay Lohan doesn’t let the laws of physics get in her way, nor does she let the press tell her who she can and can’t give energy drinks to in order to make refugees feel a bit jittery for a few hours and thereby end mass suffering in the region.

In order to understand what’s currently going on in Lindsay Lohan’s life — and, really, to understand what’s going on in the Middle East — it’s necessary to look back towards the musical documentary, “Rumors,” and to Lohan’s slaying performance as a woman/warrior who will not accept people spreading rumors about what she does at the club. In the documentary, Lohan asserts the potent political/personal mantra, “I just want to get all over the floor/And throw my hands up in the air to the beat like [what],” a political ideology that’s been shared by other leading philanthropists, like Miley Cyrus in her musical documentary “We Can’t Stop,” where she preached, “So la da da di we like to party” (which famously ended the war on drugs) or Pink, who it’s been speculated truly pioneered the sentiment with her eye-opening documentary “Get the Party Started,” (which was an effective call for renewable energy.)

The certainty with which Lohan stares down the camera in the doc, the candor with which she addresses all the things that people rumor to happen on a “Saturday [when you’re] steppin’ into the club,” the vividness with which she describes that club (“somebody wanna tell DJ to turn it up/I feel the energy all around/And my body can’t stop moving to the sound”) continue to pack an emotional punch especially when you see how Lohan, in her electric defiance of the violence of rumors, was actually foreshadowing rumors that’d befall her in her own club later on, surrounding her accent, and what people’d perceive to be potential ties to Turkish President Erdoğan. What’s more, the musical documentary is clearly — like Lohan’s new nightclub (named Lohan) in Greece itself — only on the surface about clubbing. What it’s really about, subtextually, is helping refugees. When she says, “Why can’t you just let me/Do the things I wanna do” the implication is that, years down the line, the parasitic press will make fun of her for donating German lemonade blue energy drinks called Mintanine (whose powerful slogan is “Blue tastes woohoo”) to Syrian refugees and thereby saving the world:

Yet, as the prophetic musical documentary “Rumors” suggested, Lohan would still get flack from the press. Following an interview outside her eponymous nightclub in Greece, all anyone could talk about were rumors about her accent — not all the good that the philanthropist behind the accent had done, not the fact that she wanted to continue to branch out to opening both spas and refugee camps under the Lohan brand, thereby curing every single ethnic/religious/ideological tension in Syria, but rather what the accent’s origins were. And honestly, you don’t need half a mind to figure out that it’s just your common combination of Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Italian, and French.

What’s more is that the ungrateful press began rumoring that perhaps, because of her casual repetition of Erdoğan’s “the world is bigger than five” expression in the interview and on Instagram, and because of her previous comments praising the way the attempted military coup had been handled, Lohan was being paid to be a celebrity propagandist by the Erdoğan regime.

But thankfully, Lohan’s indomitable activism continues despite the rumors. Rumor (whoops!) has it that she’s developing a Cold Brew for Leukemia Patients program back in her own nation — the world — and her Mr. Pibb for the Polar Bears initiative has already reversed most ecological crises. It’s like, do you even need to vote today? Seems like we’re in good enough shape. #Imwithher #BlueTastesWoohoo


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Rachel McAdams — AKA the queen of the Plastics — may be down for a Mean Girls reunion, but Lindsay Lohan has very specific requests before that happens. (The movie premiered a solid twelve years ago, so you can't blame the star for wanting to switch things up.)

So what you ask is the catch? If Lindsay called the shots, she told Daily Mail what her conditions would be. "I'll do the 'Jingle Bell Rock' but only if it is with the new president," she said. Her other stipulation? That her clothing line with Represent sell enough merch by the holidays. (The ends totally justify the means, right?)

With Election Day going on right now, thankfully we won't have to wait much longer to see whether or not this glorious moment can happen — and Hillary Clinton has already proven herself more than adept at recreating viral moments.

With a Mean Girls musical actually in the works for next year, bringing the cast back together seems like the inspiration everyone needs right now. Lindsay also recently reunited with her costar Jonathan Bennett — otherwise known as Aaron Samuels — so you could say the gang is halfway there!

Flavorwire nailed it :cat:  

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sorry bb, one of us must've accidently deleted your gossip November thread. yikes. Nov 2016 is reopened for business. yippee! :)

damn spambots :angry:

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RIP my old Nov thread :bandana: Grhhh


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Rapid Round: Paul Schrader Talks Lindsay Lohan Troubles, Popes and How Oscar Picks Are Rarely Right
6:23 PM PST 11/11/2016 by Tatiana Siegel
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Ariel hair
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check my tumblr

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Lexy does not approve.  

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I love Herbie/Speak/JML red or Liz release red, which is similair to this. Maybe a bit too bright, but it's a change from the Georgia Rule strawberry she loves.


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Tmz news


Lindsay Lohan got dragged into a brutal mess allegedly involving 2 Russians and a major ass whooping in one of the most outlandish Las Vegas tales we've ever heard.

A 24-year-old man told Vegas Metro cops ... 2 men came into his room at the Excalibur last month, took him in the bathroom and asked if he'd been talking smack on LiLo ... this according to a police report obtained by TMZ.
The man says he denied saying a peep about Lindsay, but the Russians beat him to a pulp anyway. That's his story and he's sticking to it. So, what's his connection to Lindsay?

The alleged victim tells us he met her at Coachella back in April. As for why 2 random Russian dudes tracked him down 6 months later in a different state -- he thinks they recognized him from Coachella.
For the record, Lindsay's camp says she doesn't know this guy from a hole in the ground, and cops say he refused to cooperate with their investigation. So, case closed.

Some things really should stay in Vegas.


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