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Forum Rules

Please read the following rules and guidelines very carefully. By proceeding to post you agree to these guidelines and must obey them at all times. Refusal to obey these guidelines will result in the appropriate responsive actions.

The Golden Rule
We have absolutely NO affiliation with Lindsay Lohan nor her "people".
We do not have any way to contact her other than through her fan club LLRocks.com just like everyone else.
Do not ask us to tell her something for you or ask for any contact info.
Posts such as this will be considered spam and deleted immediately.

1. No spamming!

Spamming Includes:

  • Posts that do not contain a coherent sentence.
  • Emoticon only posts. (except where allowed)
  • Single word posts.
  • Posts made in the wrong areas of the site.
  • Asking for Lindsay's contact info. (see above)
  • Thread digging.
  • Off topic posts.
  • Duplicate posts.

2. No attacking other members of the site.

The site is meant as a friendly exchange of ideas and thoughts. Inflammatory remarks will not be tolerated. This includes through public forums AND private messages. Racial, ethnic, gender, or other personal discriminations will not be tolerated.

3. No excessive use of profanity anywhere on this site.
4. Pornography, warez, piracy or any other action considered illegal under United States law is strictly prohibited and can result in immediate banning to be decided by the staff of LocationLohan.com.
5. Keep all posts relevant.

The site is divided into specific sections to make it easy to find topics. Remember to post in the appropriate areas of the site.

6. Any impersonation of a user on this forum, a celebrity, or staff member is strictly prohibited and enforced.
7. Do not argue a staff member decision publicly.

If you have a question about a decision made, PM the staff member.

8. Inappropriate posts or images will be deleted immediately.
9. No hotlinking. Upload all images you wish to attach to a post.

You are not allowed to hotlink images. In many cases it is illegal under copyright laws.

10. Signatures may contain ONE (1) 400x100 image and please keep text limited to 5 lines.

If your signature is larger than this, you may be asked to trim it. Failure to comply with a staff member's request may result in the removal of your signature and inability to edit your profile.

11. Absolutely NO personal images may be posted anywhere on this site. Their will be no negotiation and your personal images will be removed immediately!
12. The Pictures forum threads should be used for sharing photos. Please post images in the correct category and give credit to your source if you know where they came from.
13. Lindsay Lohan Fan Central and all affiliated sites cannot be expected to verify, and thus cannot be held responsible for, any content posted by members.
14. We reserve the right to temporarily suspend or permanently ban any member for any reason we deem necessary.
15. We reserve the right to amend or change these rules and disclaimer at any time without notification.