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iPad wooT

what? i can't post post the pic?
oh well....

here's(not) my(sis)iPad hehe



It has been such a long time since I've been on this forum or even logged into my account. I got to thinking about all the memories I have of this forum... and how I met F.B. (Neo-Genesis) on here 5 years ago.

Since the last time I have posted I have been back to the Philippines to spend time with F.B. (January 2008). And I will be leaving in...

453 DVDs

Star Wars I-VI
X-Men 1-3
Fantastic Four 1 & 2
Runaway Jury
Mr & Mrs Smith
Fight Club
Man on Fire
Just My Luck
Independence Day
My Cousin Vinny
John Tucker Must Die
The Devil Wears Prada
Napoleon Dynamite
I, Robot
The Day After Tomorrow
Die Hard 1-4
Passion of the Christ
Robin Hood Men in Tights

Back by popular demand

Helliiiooo, I'm a pirate today; rrrrrr... :pirate2:

I goddamn own

Still no.1 on the Asteriods highscore list after over 2 goddamn years....i b-i-t-c-hslap all y'all =3

my new fave song

my new fave song and video clip is kelis - milkshake :wub:

hmm..i see ppl don't like my blog and don't comment :(

song IDEA

I think a good idea is if you remade the song "send me an angel" by "real life" it was in the movie "rad"



mecca trip scheduled

we're leaving for mecca tomorrow and coming back tuesday. :D


Makala is now 19.3 pounds. she's a dead-weight but she's drop-dead cute. :flowers:

I'm gettin really pissed by alot of people

Holy**** ok so this really is pissin' me off now I got to say something. It really gets to me when people call other people emo. I mean First EMO means EMOtional so how the hell can you tell if someone is emotional from the outside or just 'cuz they say they have a problem. Second, I'm fed up with all the people that label themselves...

i love her

:wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

Hi There

Hi Welcome to my blog!

Here's a little somthing about me:

My name is Emery I'm from Thailand I'm11 and i love studying Taekwondo!

Here's a secreat even i'm only 11 i alredy have a crush read my sig to see my feeling!

So I hope someone would like to be my friend! Oh and I have a forum:...

lol blog, pt. 5

I completely forgot about this thing. So yeah.

Been listening to a lot of Sublime and Sunn O))) lately. I bought a Smith & Wesson M4505 airsoft gun yesterday. There's this girl I've been interested in; I'm hoping everything will go alright with that. I've been grounded for four months, and that should be coming to an end soon...

Read it foo's

Once upon a time
there was a person
who decided he wanted a lime
He thought, how?

So he left his house,
left to a far far away land
He came across a little mouse
who said:

I know where a few limes are,
just go down there,
past the pits of tar
So, he left, thinking.

Sadly, this man never came back.
The tar, wasn't there. Instead

LiNdSaY & me!

hi people! how are u? before u quest, i'm all right, ok? so! let's speak about lindsay or not? but, first about m, ok? my name is Luis Gabriel. i'm brazilian. i live in fortaleza, cearĂ¡. here is so cool! and my school friends don't listen about lindsay. but, I listen. and now she's have...

last night

Last night i came home from a hard nights work. When goin to my room the tv was on and i seen for the 1st Lindsay video confession of a broken heart, i cried! Wow how that song just hit me. That is my life to a T. Realizing how bad it hurt me when my dad lefted me and my mom. All the nights i sat up hearing them fight and my dad...

Oh well

Guess no one was reading mah blog..oh well,more stuff to come,look out :twothumbs:

Hey you all

Well I thought i should post in this cause well I made it lol I am Terri and I love Lindsay Lohan. and JojoIf you like Jojo will you join Jojoalways please it is a great forum


this entry stay dedicated to my Bf Best Friend Laura, she is a person important for me she knows,she is a lovely girls and an awesome laur, laura if u read this thanks for exist i love u baby

how come

how come noone is commentin on my blog :mad: plz do!! liz xxx

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